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+The Cosmopolitan Man’s Guide to Sultry Decadence: Arisa Reyes

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A luxuriously tempting demeanor accented by naughtiness and underscored with refinement describes the paramour in me. My presence is exquisitely delicate and wonderfully exotic while understated - a richly sensual energy to be discovered by the well-mannered gentleman.

My figure is heavenly and fit for worship with subtle curves as light as a whisper in your arms.

Are you a chivalrous man? Expect a flourish of couture lingerie that decorates my porcelain-skinned body with promises of bliss and the deepest of kisses from my succulent lips. Run your hands through long, thick tresses that touch the top of my firm derriere. Let us wrap ourselves in good conversation between sips of bubbly until we grow drunk with longing and ecstasy has its way with us.

Like you, I am selective of the company I keep. I strive to create long-lasting friendships that are genuine and meaningful. Should I have piqued your interest, please do extend an invitation.

Warmest Regards


Cultivating Memories, Indulging in Decadence, Dancing Under the Moonlight and the list goes on.


Considerations - USD

  • 2hrs seductive (re)introduction - $1200
  • 3hrs flirtatious vino & banter - $1600
  • 4hrs reservations for two - $2000
  • 6hrs decadent diversion - $2500

Cancellation/No Show Policy: Kindly check your schedule prior to requesting an engagement. By accepting your invitation I decline other possibilities. Cancellations less than 24 hours prior to our engagement will result in a 50% cancellation fee. NC/NS are responsible for 100% cancellation fee.