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Taking time for ourselves is so important in this fast-paced world, do you remember when you last took a break just for you? Escape with me into the moment…

Sensuality, intimacy and connection are key in the way I approach each and every encounter… I think that massage is one of the best ways that people can allow themselves to experience the human connection that is so often lacking in our lives. Taking time for ourselves is so important in this fast-paced world, do you remember when you last took a break just for you?

I am eager to meet with mature, open-minded people who want to be pampered in all the sweetest ways, especially those who are looking to develop a deeper, and hopefully long-lasting connection… I enjoy introductory sessions, but there is just something really intense about meeting with someone I’ve already become acquainted with, I think it has to do with a heightened level of trust, intimacy, and anticipation!

For anyone new to sensual massage, I feel obliged to mention that this is a very addictive activity! You are likely to experience an intense desire to return for more. Fortunately, if you decide to take the plunge anyway, this is an activity that is part of a balanced approach to self-care. Massages are healing to your body, mind & spirit- greatly necessary in a world that seems to discourage the expression of our innate sensuality. This is a great way to get back in touch with your sensual self, or perhaps discover them for the first time!

I am open to seeing any individual or couple over the age of 25, regardless of size, shape, gender, race or physical (dis)ability. I am very easy to be around, open-minded, caring, understanding and accepting. Whether this is your first experience with sensual massage or your fortieth, I am confident that we will get along quite nicely and I look forward to spending some quality time with you!

Please email me and include in your introduction: a little about yourself and why you think we would be a good fit, what kind of experience you are interested in, the name and contact information of an independent provider you have seen in the past, your cell number and a good time that I can either call or text you, and of course feel free to ask any questions of me about my services.


Travel is a passion of mine, as is anything that brings me outdoors, and I really love learning about health, science, psychology and philosophy. Sharing moments with special new friends is a wonderful way to pass the day, perhaps you and I will enjoy this sometime?


Our time together will be engaging, sensual, and fun, leaving you relaxed and recharged.

I pride myself on taking my time during each session, feeling relaxed and unrushed adds to the experience. I use only unscented, fast-absorbing professional massage lotion, and I work my way around the entire body, paying special attention to parts that are often neglected or that feel especially tense.

Each session is different, but I generally begin my sensual massage sessions with a relaxing Thai oil massage routine ensuring thorough attentions throughout the body. Thai oil massage is a lighter, more relaxing (& less painful!) version of the traditional Thai massage. The sensual part of the massage is next and includes lots of body-sliding and slippery seduction. I often follow this with more relaxing massage if there is time. Shower facilities are available on-site, a great way to warm up before each massage.

You will be rejuvenated and refreshed following our session and often quite energized as well. Memories of this sweetest massage will not soon be forgotten…