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“No siren did ever so charm the ear of the listener as the listening ear has charmed the soul of the siren”
“The Siren waits thee, singing song for song”

The Look

Dax Desire is a 5'5", slender, all natural, 22 year old caucasian woman with shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, Couples, and TV/TS.

Lady Dax can be aptly summed up in two words: Dream Girl.

It takes a special kind of woman to delicately balance a sugary sweet, sultry, intellectual, and rebellious punk rock persona. I can guarentee you’ve never met a girl like me!

I’m easy with a smile, quick with a with a witty joke, and have a presence that will instantly put you at ease. I’m interested in real connections, ones where you dont have to hold back any words or feelings, ones where you get to know yourself better as much as you get to know your company.

When we initially start to get to know each other through the typed word you will notice my relaxed and ‘real’ nature. I will ask you questions to help me get a better grasp of your persona and wishes so that we can both fully enjoy any time we choose to be together in person.

I will strive to make your heart flutter when we meet face to face; with my radiant smile, a dreamy song on the tip of my tongue, a flirty fragrance floating up from my milky skin, and a melody in my soul that makes my body delicately sway and dance.
I invite you to come share my song, to bare your soul with me.

Lets discover each other, and make memories that wont soon disappear
xoxo Dax


Sex. Music and Record Collecting. Philosophy, esp Existentialism. BDSM. Reading. Creating. Odontophilia.


I prefer multi-hour, pre-bookings.
I am an upscale provider that asks for respect of my time and services. Add a little communication and we’re well on our way to having a fantastic, fun, passionate and safe time together :)