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I think of you in bed,
your tongue half chocolate, half ocean…
— Anne Sexton, from “Eighteen Days Without You”

The Look

Madeline Swann is a 5'7", slender, all natural, 21 year old caucasian woman with medium length blonde hair and grey eyes.

Why hello - I’m so pleased to finally meet you…

It seems I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.

My name is Madeline. I am a brilliant, wicked, and tender girl at the rosy age of 21.

I’ve migrated to this strange, powerful place (my lovely chrome jungle) from the wintry coasts of Scandinavia. I speak flawless, unaccented English, yet retain the telltale of wildness of my ruddy, wind-beaten homeland.

Beyond all this, I am a girl with a deep hunger. It shines through in my effortless poise, which borders on the deliciously languid; It radiates in my wide, grey eyes, my quirked brow, my slender neck as I tilt it back and laugh warmly; It deepens the melodious tones of my voice, my joyful giggle, my imploring touch.

My movements seem to have a certain devilishness in them, mixed with a potent tenderness that borders on the ecstatic. I electrify everything I touch, leaving the world around me fully charged and longing.

Suffice to say, I am a girl to be reckoned with. Sweet in all the ways a young thing knows how to be sweet, genuine with an unrelenting candour, open and eager in a way that will touch your heart.

So come - let us nurture the warm, playful, corrupted creatures we know ourselves truly to be. Let’s lose ourselves to the belly laughs, the silliness, the red-hot joy of newness, the soft and aching comfort of a bond well forged.

We deserve it, don’t you think?


Oh, so many things my little heart holds dear…

First off, I am a sage traveller and have been exploring the nooks, crannies, and groaning landscapes of our world since I was a little girl. In fact, I had visited 6 countries by the time I turned 1 year old.

My favourite place in the entire world is Florence. To me, it is a place of reverie. Deceptively boring to the untrained eye, but for the truly passionate it is a place of lush rose gardens on loping hills, chianti that is perfectly dark and aromatic, and endless labyrinthine alleyways that beckon and encourage our mad lust.

I also have a soft spot for unique landscapes - any chance I have to slough free of the shackles of polite civilizations, I become an unabashed little wildling. Climbing trees, streaking on mountains, sleeping on peaks so high I wake up in clouds, and taking morning dips in lakes… it is the stuff of dreams, for me.

I enjoy cosmopolitan ventures equally, and tend to know all of the very best insider spots in our fair city - Madeline’s Guide to TO Tasting Menu’s is one to try. Personally I favour restos that specialize in local, seasonal, and foraged foods, however middle eastern joints, french cuisine, and seafood bars will always have a place in my heart. Besides - I’ll eat anything (gleefully, too).

Other than that I am nigh on obsessed with literature. Everything from Myth to Modernism to SFF to Erotica and Comics appeals greatly to me, and I am an avid collector of volumes - If you allow me, I will chat your ear off with bright enthusiasm about my favourite books.

I am also a renowned fashionista, specializing in timeless, feminine, and contemporary looks for casual wear, sleek elegance and haute glamour for formalwear, and couture collectibles, silk, and timeless or hand made pieces for lingerie.

I curate my appearance with a passion, and relish opportunities to serve your tastes - perhaps, even, with some help.