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Beguiling French Beauty for Those who Seek the Finest in Life…

The Look

MTL's Premier is a 5'3", slender, 33 year old caucasian woman with medium length brunette hair and black eyes.

She is available for Men, and Couples.

“The pursuit of pleasure must be the goal of every rational person”-Voltaire

Bienvenue, gentlemen et couples distingués!

We live in a fast-paced, hi-tech world with significant demands on our time and energy. Along the way we so- metimes forget about the simple pleasures that bring meaning to our busy lives. Other times we forgo those desires thinking that to indulge would be somehow selfish.

In the pursuit of our other goals we try to act rationally so why not apply the same as suggested by Voltaire? We all deserve to find a moment to treat ourselves and satisfy some of that yearning that far too often is put off for another day.

Now, allow me to introduce myself. Je suis Madelyn Fabray, a first-class and respected professional companion Well-known as a sultry, petite, French Québécoise and beguiling beauty. Graced with silky-smooth bronzed skin, a trim physique and mesmerizing dark eyes, I will tantalize your senses and light fire in your dreams for years to come.

I provide a world-class companionship experience that will redefine your understanding of bliss. At our rendezvous you’ll experience the finest in companionship, warmth, passion and a sprinkling of wit to fulfill that rational quest for contentment and perfect happiness. Offered exclusively for both local and selected city engagements for loving and perspicacious admirers.

Intrigued? Then, come into my virtual playground and explore the unequalled world-class experience of a truly superlative, engaging, accomplished and loyal companion. Seize the day! As your private confidante, let me melt away your inner inhibitions…

Je vous attends avec grande anticipation!

Madelyn xo

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Although not required or expected a gift is always greatly appreciated. I’m normally self-sufficient and consider our time together to be the greatest gift but I do love being pampered on occasion by generous and thoughtful gentlemen.

If you’d like to surprise me with something that when I look at it will cause me to stop, reflect on our time together and remember you then the link below will provide some ideas on items I’ve been hoping to purchase. ca/registry/wishlist/295WGMMWXL81E


I do not believe in a formal menu, a set service that should be provided but rather enjoy exploring the chemistry and magnetic attraction that forms between two individuals. It’s this connection that fulfills that ultimate human yearning for companionship, passion and fulfillment. I believe a date is essentially just that; precious time between 2 adults.

I like to think that I provide an experience like no other companion. I am very open-minded and provide a unique connection that will guarantee to make our time together rather extraordinary.