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As the second largest city in Canada, Montreal has a diverse, exclusive nightlife setting that rivals that of Toronto and Vancouver. While Toronto and Vancouver are well known for having some of the best clubs in Canada, Montreal is known for having the most unique cuisine.

Montreal is loaded with five star restaurants that cater to any palette. If new, exotic cuisine is an interest of yours then Montreal is perfect. However, don’t get the idea that Montreal doesn’t know how to party and enjoy a night out. There are still plenty of bars, lounges, and nightclubs that can rival those in Vancouver and Toronto.

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Montreal is one of Canada’s most upscale and enjoyable cities. Hiring an escort from Montreal is one way to ensure you spend your night with a fun, beautiful companion who is there to make your time in Montreal as enjoyable as possible.

Nightclubs in Montreal

Stereo – If you’re in the mood to dance and listen to energetic, party music but don’t want to drink, Stereo is the place to go. Located in downtown Montreal, Stereo’s name gives away the focus of the club — the music. Stereo is widely considered to be one of Montreal’s best house nightclubs, if not the best. The best local and international house DJ’s play at Stereo on a weekly basis and utilize the array of features Stereo has to pump up the crowd.

A newly installed hand crafted stereo system offers the best sound quality in all of Montreal. A special type of spring was inserted on the dance floor so patrons jump longer, higher, and louder than normal.

Inside the club, new large big screens add energy with aesthetically pleasing visual effects and new lights light up the entire club. New tables and couches were added to enhance the club’s visual appeal and Stereo has a much more fancy design now than it previously had.

Stereo is the perfect afterhours club for music lovers. The entire emphasis is on music and enjoying the very best local house DJs in Montreal. Despite its no alcohol policy, Stereo still fills up on a nightly basis and patrons enjoy dancing and the overall environment of the club.

Au Diable Vert – Located just west of downtown Montreal, Au Diable Vert is one of Montreal’s hottest and fastest growing clubs. The color red dominates the club with red LED lighting, red tables and chairs, and red décor. The décor creates an intimate, passionate aura, which sits well with the mostly young and single crowd. It also fits the motto of Au Diable Vert, which is “all sins are forgiven.”

The club features several full bars around the club and has one of the largest dance floors in all of Montreal. Cheap drink prices allure in college students and young 20-somethings as Au Diable Vert has a plethora of drink specials on every single night. The lack of a strict dress code also allows a large, diverse group of young groups to come in each night who don’t enjoy the fancy, upscale nightclub scene.

Some private VIP tables are set up around the club although there is not nearly the amount you would find in most clubs. VIP bottle service is also much more affordable that other clubs in Montreal and much cheaper than any other bottle service you could purchase in Toronto or Vancouver.

Au Diable Vert has an unknown alluring factor that people just can’t put their fingers on. Perhaps it is the excellent diverse genres of music, perhaps it is the affordable drinks, or perhaps the just the overall atmosphere. Whatever it is, it is working for the club because Au Diable Vert fills up almost nightly and getting in on Friday or Saturday can be a real challenge.

Le Rouge Bar – Le Rouge Bar is a multi-level bar in Downtown Montreal that features several bars, a luxurious design, and some of Montreal’s hottest DJs. Inside the club, you’ll find a modern, sleek design. The first floor features several bars and a large dance floor, which is where most patrons party.

Upstairs, several VIP tables are setup for bottle service and Le Rouge offers some of the most affordable bottle service in all of Montreal. The second floor fills up like the first floor but it is not nearly as wild and out of control as the first floor.

The overall vibe of the bar is warm and lively as several house and local DJs play anything from top 40 hits to EDM to old school hip hop. Overall, most partygoers come for the cheap drinks and stay for the amazing, lively environment at one of Montreal’s best party spots.

Korova Bar Terroir – Korova Bar Terroir is not your typical club in Montreal. Instead of a flashy design and bright lighting, Korova Bar has a dive bar vibe that attracts the “hipster” crowd of Montreal. With one of the best happy hours in all of Montreal, young singles flock to Korova Bar Terroir for cheap drinks before the bar fills up later in the night for dancing.

One of the highlights of Korova Bar is the photo booth inside the bar. No other bar in Montreal has a photo booth and it is by far the most popular attraction in the bar. The photo booth adds to the already funky and odd décor that truly sets the tone for a laid-back, relaxing evening at one of Montreal’s most popular hotspots.