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I want nothing more than to smile while I hold your hand. To listen to your spinning mind. To stand with you, accompanying some debauchery. Let’s delve into what we can explore together. 

The Look

Shay Lovell is a 5'6", all natural, 26 year old caucasian woman with shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, and TV/TS.

Hi, I’m Shay! - Your Quirky & Sensual Girlfriend.

If you are here, one can only assume you have come for an eclectic flavour that lays inside my mind and body.

I welcome you to some deep connection filled with awkward ear kisses and giggly stares.

Delve in relentless affection and lingering touches. Something meaningful and mutual is to be expected. I see you there. Looking and pondering what we can get into. Let’s create something wonderful. I’m a humanly person with a womanly body just looking to share your thoughts, dreams and fantasies.

Our endeavour, holds no bounds when chemistry is involved.

I am a truly genuine being. Honest, with a touch of soft awkwardness to sustain you in between your rapid heartbeat. I’ll even let you get weird as long as I can join in.

Nervous? It’s okay. I am too. I have the means to keep you at ease. Let’s keep a slow pace, if you need. Chemistry and soft scent ease our minds into the storm, that is passion.

I’m just a woman looking to have a spectacular memory/ies with you. Won’t you join me?


Shay - A Cautionary Tale

— I’m a mid 20’s woman with an eye for humans.I don’t see the colour of your skin or gender/sexuality coding as a barrier. The same goes for age, given your 18 years or older, mental ailments and/or physical ailments.

From my younger years, I have always been fascinated with how a person ticks. Their interests, their ideas and just intrigued by how their eye brows move with each expression. I would always look to see how unique their smile was by making them laugh. Being humanly comes natural to me. I have a tender heart and an insatiable vibe when faced with intimate details. I just want to explore what life has to offer.

A typical day for myself would include bombarding my cat for attention and singing songs about her well, TO her, exploring my mind with some writing that is non-time effective, creating this night owl effect. (Starting literary courses in Sept.2017)

If you were to see me at a social setting I will deny any offers for alcoholic beverage as it doesn’t sit well with me mentally. I much prefer having a bubbly lime water or chai tea,depending on the setting.

NEW: I have recently got into fitness and am a beginner within weight lifting. It really helps me mentally and gives me time to give my body and mind some love.

I’m super close the Queen Elizabeth Drive. A perfect date idea IMO would be a lovely bike ride and picnic!

My diet consists solely on a vegetable based meal but have a soft spot for sea food, if I’m craving it.

I would be best described as womanly, quirky and all around pleasant. I laugh loud and will clumsily enjoy you. Prepare yourself. It’s quite amazing. I am an occasional smoker but only smoke outside unless a smoking fetish comes to play.

I have gone through so many of life’s challenges and have a good idea of where I stand and want to make your life a lot more fun and light hearted. I have a chronic disability (Anxiety). This does not get in my way and within battling this illness has only encouraged me to help others deal with their disabilities. Don’t be ashamed to take your time, I’m not going anywhere.

Go ahead. Ask me Out!



When entering my home I ask that you enter with a soft heart and a smile. You’re welcome here. I am located in a homey little 1 bedroom apartment with beautiful lighting and shower, toiletries available. I have a cat housemate named Luna that also enjoys company of others and enjoys pets and a hello.

My availability fluctuates due to my literary courses and personal life and encourage you to give me your best days to have a date so that I can accommodate to the best of my ability.

If you have a specific scenario in mind please indicate so with me before booking and I will let you know what I can accommodate or not.

Please introduce yourself. Nothing is more attractive than your mind.​ Where and when do you want to meet? What debauchery and intimate things would you like to experience? ​ Do you have any ailments, disabilities and/or allergies?​ If you have a specific need, fetish and/or desire please don’t hesitate to mention it.

NOTE: Please ensure that we enjoy each other with sober minds and proper hygiene.

Verification such as LinkedIn, or Photo ID may be requested for the safety and well being of myself. Honesty is the best policy. I do not take references anymore as this method has not proven helpful for me.

Most importantly BE YOU.
Can’t wait to meet you!